• The LuxSecure wearable wallets provide the comfort and secure accessibility that creates  peace of mind. 
      • Prohibit discomfort from rear or front pocket wallets. 
      • Eliminate exposing wallet contents when opening wallet in a public area. 
      • Discontinue misplacement of the wallet when it’s taken out to avoid sitting on it
      • Anti-theft security (pickpocket or RFID). 
  • LuxSecure has the following:
      •  3 card slots that can hold up to 12 cards
      •  1 middle pocket for cash or receipts
      •  Custom design magnetic flap closure
      •  2 Customs design secure magnetic straps
      •  Two belt loops with one belt-clip slot (for wallet clip onto sweatpants)
  • LuxSecure wallets can be worn on belt or sweatpants or carried in pockets (for traditional storage)
  • LuxSecure provide security without confining  movement 

RFID BLOCKING TECHNOLGY was added to provide an additional layer of identity safety from electronic theft while traveling, shopping, or engaged in high impact movement. Environments.