Pocket/Wallet Issues

Since the invention of traditional billfolds in the 1950’s, physicians have warned that carrying a pocket wallet in the rear pants pocket can distort posture, cause spine misalignment and lead to sciatica nerve pain. However, wearing wallet in the back pocket has become a societal norm. Unfortunately, as many have learned that sitting on a wallet in the back pocket causes the hip to sit higher and shifts the pelivs upwards. Consequently, uneven sitting can lead to stress on the spine, and trigger slouching, possibly leading to back, neck, and shoulder pain.

In addition to postural changes, sitting on a wallet results in damage to the sciatic nerve which gets pinched between the wallet and the hip. The sciatic nerve can readily become irritated causing a painful discomfort to the lower back. Over time, the stress on the lower back and agitation of the sciatic nerve can lead to disc degeneration causing pain to extend from the lower back down the back leg. The bigger the wallet, the more problems, but even the thinnest wallet can create these symptoms.