My Story- The Pocket Wallet Solution

My awareness of the pocket wallet issue first occurred when I was in my 30s after experiencing numbness in my lower back, and pain that extended down my back-leg. I eventually sought medical and chiropractic treatment, and was instructed by my chiropractor to stop sitting on my wallet because it placed stress on my spine. It took years for my spine to be corrected and free from the back pocket wallet syndrome pain. I was also irritated by carrying a front pocket wallet, and having the wallet edges protrude through my front pant pocket. Therefore, I did what many do; I shifted my wallet from the front to rear pocket as I sat or walked. If I was walking the wallet was moved to my rear pocket, and when seated I moved it to my front pocket. Oh yeah! There were also times when I would place the wallet on my car counsel, or on a table, which often left me wondering where I left it when I needed it the most. Does any of this sound familiar? 

There are other wallet alternatives such as minimal wallets, front pocket wallets, Fanny Packs, Belt Bags, Sling Bags, travel products and more.  The LuxSecure wallet combines most of those concepts into a small belt-wallet with supreme safety features to be worn near front (Fannie Pack), with a thin profile (minimal wallet), and under shirt or jacket (travel wallets) all with a premium design. Many wallet users are concerned with the threat of theft from pickpocketing and RFID theft. The LuxSecure custom design makes it possible to safeguards against pickpocket theft due to the three custom safety design features. While most authorities recommend carrying your wallet in your front pocket, trained professionals are skilled at causing diversions or just a slight touch to steal the entire wallet from your rear or front pocket or suit jacket. 

Try our LuxSecure solution with a 30-day money back guarantee.